Empower Your Co-workers, Teams & Organisation in 2019

Want to get the best from your most valuable resource-your people? Then talk to us about customising to your organisation the following facilitated workshops:
  • “Negotiation Skills for Internal & External Situations”
  • “Critical, Creative & Strategic Thinking for Teams”
  • “How to Motivate Teams”
  • “Strategic Planning with Internal Teams”
  • “Strategic Market Planning for the next 2-3 years”
  • ” B2B Selling Skills for Services”
  • “Delivering Profitable Customer Service”
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There are lots of definitions of facilitation from the Latin word “facilis” = to make easy, e.g. a facilitator is “someone who helps a person or organization to do something more easily or find the answer to a problem, by discussing things and suggesting ways of doing things”

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Have you have a project, challenge or issue that you need to progress now?

I’m Pádraig Cleary and since May 1st 1986 May Day Management has been facilitating for-profit and not-for-profit organisations alike to make progress through group participation. I’m available to meet on a no obligation basis to review in confidence your project, challenge or issue. I’m sure we can help.

Call me on: +353 87 258 3325 or Skype: padraig.cleary365

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  • Examples of group projects May Day has successfully facilitated

    Facilitation is a cost and time effective way of helping a group to make progress, especially on difficult or challenging issues. Here's some examples that illustrate the variety of group scenarios where facilitation has worked successfully


  • May Day Greetings 2018

    Another May Day, my 32nd since starting trading as “May Day Management Consultants”. Lots of ups and downs along the way but still believing in it’s good to be able …

  • Autumn-Winter 2017 Facilitated Learning Workshops

    “How To Investigate Your Business Idea”

    Date: 01/09/2017
    Time: 09.30-5.00pm
    Venue: Waterford (venue to be advised)

    Course Aims: To take learners through the practical steps of finding and exploring new …

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