Spring 2018

“Sell More, Market Smarter for 2018 & Beyond”

Dates: Day 1.18/04 & Day 2. 16/05/2918

Time: 09.30am,-04.30.pm.

Venue: Clayton Hotel, Lapps Quay, Cork City

This active learning course will help owners/managers of small businesses to sharpen their selling skills and marketing activity immediately.

For bookings: https://www.localenterprise.ie/CorkCity/Training-Events/Online-Bookings/Sell-More-Market-Smarter-for-2018-and-beyond.html

“Developing Your Marketing Strategy”- now fully booked, sorry!

Dates: 29/03; 26/04; 31/05 & 28/06/2018
Time: 09.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Local Enterprise Office, Portlaoise, Laois

A practical approach for established business owners to creating action oriented marketing strategy to grow their businesses over the next 3 years.
For bookings: www.localenterprise.ie/laois/Training-Events/

“Marketing On A Shoestring”

Date: 15/05/2018
Time: 09.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Venue: Local Enterprise Office, Portlaoise, Laois

How to be an effective marketeer when your marketing budget is limited.
For bookings: www.localenterprise.ie/laois/Training-Events/



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There are lots of definitions of facilitation from the Latin word “facilis” = to make easy, e.g. a facilitator is “someone who helps a person or organization to do something more easily or find the answer to a problem, by discussing things and suggesting ways of doing things”

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Have you have a project, challenge or issue that you need to progress now?

I’m Pádraig Cleary and since May 1st 1986 May Day Management has been facilitating for-profit and not-for-profit organisations alike to make progress through group participation. I’m available to meet on a no obligation basis to review in confidence your project, challenge or issue. I’m sure we can help.

Call me on: +353 87 258 3325 or Skype: padraig.cleary365

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  • Spring 2018 Facilitated Learning Workshops

    “Sell More, Market Smarter For 2018 & Beyond”

    Why sign up for this course? This course is for you if

    • Too frequently you struggle to be effective in your selling-
  • Autumn-Winter 2017 Facilitated Learning Workshops

    “How To Investigate Your Business Idea”

    Date: 01/09/2017
    Time: 09.30-5.00pm
    Venue: Waterford (venue to be advised)

    Course Aims: To take learners through the practical steps of finding and exploring new …

  • Is Ryanair losing its grip?

    Has Ryanair made a strategic error in sacrificing “good customer management” for “customer goodwill” in abandoning its strict rules on carry-on baggage and the pre-printing of boarding passes?

    The “Always …

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