So we’ve had an election, we’ve all had our say but we now cannot find a way to form a government that will continue the work of rebuilding Ireland over the next 4-5 years. The election outcome suggests that voters want something different to what has gone before in 31 previous Dáil Eireann!
Many of our newly elected and re-elected politicians appear to be locked into “inside the box thinking” and fail to realise that the electorate has already moved to “outside the box thinking”. The formers’ perceived political solution of majority party rule is much like the approach often taken to addressing the puzzle of “how to join the nine dots below with 4straight lines, without taking pen from paper”.
9 dot puzzle
The solution to this puzzle is to move away from what looks to be “a box” and start at a different point in blank space.
9 dot solution
Maybe our 32nd Dáil representatives need to find blank space and create a new governing paradigm that abandons the failed adversarial, big party/coalition rule model and come up with something radically different, such as
1. Government by all 158 elected TDs taking individual and collective responsibility for the big decisions on policy and multi-annual budgeting for the running of our public services
2. The 158 TDs electing a cabinet to carry out the wishes of all of the Dáil
3. The 158 TDs having equally the opportunity to nominate themselves as prospective minsters and junior minsters of state
4. The cabinet and ministers being truly accountable to the Dáil for their actions – and the Dáil having the power to dismiss failing ministers and elect their replacements!!!
Such a radical model would of course require maturity and true patriotism of our TDs and their parties rather than tribal and sectional political interest.
Have they got what it takes to embrace a new Republic Model for 2016+? I’d like to believe they have but we the electorate must affirm them in such a bold commitment to doing business differently for the next 100 years!