Autumn-Winter 2017 Facilitated Learning Workshops

“Critical; Creative & Strategic Thinking- all in a week’s work for Ireland’s sports administrators!

Date: 26/09/2017
Time: 09.30-4.30pm
Venue: Sports Campus Ireland, Dublin

A learning support of Sport Ireland …

Autumn-Winter 2017 Facilitated Learning Workshops

“How To Investigate Your Business Idea”

Date: 01/09/2017
Time: 09.30-5.00pm
Venue: Waterford (venue to be advised)

Course Aims: To take learners through the practical steps of finding and exploring new …

Is Ryanair losing its grip?

Has Ryanair made a strategic error in sacrificing “good customer management” for “customer goodwill” in abandoning its strict rules on carry-on baggage and the pre-printing of boarding passes?

The “Always …

2016+ – Imagining a new way to govern our republic

So we’ve had an election, we’ve all had our say but we now cannot find a way to form a government that will continue the work of rebuilding Ireland over

The Greek Crisis – Facilitation could still help!

Yes I know it sounds fanciful that such contentious, stand-off negotiations could be facilitated to a resolution. Instead of the hard head-to-head across the negotiating table approach (that has achieved …

Business Strategy Facilitation – a worthwhile investment

At some point most organisations will decide that it’s time to review current strategy and update action programmes to match evolving events and circumstances in their environment. This can be …

FIFA Ethics – never mind the quality feel the width!

You may be surprised or perhaps not to learn that FIFA has a 60 page Code of Ethics.

Given the unfolding events of recent days this clearly is just for …

“May Day” – What’s In A Name?

038I commenced trading under the “May Day” title on May 1st 1986. I’m often asked “Why May Day?”
My “May Day” identify reflects the start date of my career as …

Strategy Facilitation = Strategy Consultation???

A management consultant may play one of 2 roles with a client who seeks their help to develop new business or marketing strategy:
• Role 1. As an enabler to …

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