The Sector Facilitation Participants The BIG Issue(s) to be facilitated Facilitation Process employed Facilitation Outcome
International Pharmachem Ireland-based Project Team of chemists & scientists How to negotiate internally(i.e. within this global company) for new projects, resources & timelines Negotiation role-plays & current negotiation process critical examination plus brainstorming better ways of negotiating A possible better negotiation process to be piloted globally
Top end Hospitality(4 & 5* properties) Owners’ trade group with 45 participants at their A.G.M. “How to devise Strategy for maintaining the vitality & market appeal of the group’s brand” The World Café Conversation methodology Draft strategy identified and agreed with the 45members
Politics Activist members of the county branch of a political party How to engage party members in political discourse The World Café Conversation methodology Monthly meeting attendances and participation levels increased
Childcare Services New board of a community owned childcare facility How to empower new board members taking office in difficult funding circumstances Monthly tactical and strategic thinking meetings with the board The board empowered to address key issues
Heritage Conservation Board of a long established not-for-profit engaged in conserving and opening up to the public a leading historical site “What next for the group?” having achieved the bulk of objectives agreed in facilitation 3 years previously Problem solving & reframing techniques plus brainstorming Key priorities and new focus identified with the group
County Tourism Development Trade members from all sectors of a county tourism company How to raise the skills levels in the sector 4 sector specific facilitated discussion groups Identification of the key obstacles to better skills acquisition, plus a strategy to address same
Event Catering Principals of a leading event caterer What strategy to adopt to grow the business over the next 3-5year Application of the SWOT Analysis tool to identify the Strategic Imperatives for the company Clarity on where to go next for the principals of the business!