038I commenced trading under the “May Day” title on May 1st 1986. I’m often asked “Why May Day?”
My “May Day” identify reflects the start date of my career as a management consultant and “May Day” being the start of summer, with all of its promise of new growth, longer brighter days and of possibility.
But does a trading name matter so long as it’s identified by one’s target market?
It’s clear that for most folk the primary association with “May Day” is the international maritime distress call “May-Day, May-Day”. One voice counselled me that “it’s more important that your consultancy’s name is remembered than its name association is made”. They may have a point!
I have always welcomed the arrival of the month of May as I’m sure many, many others do, not the least for the personal and community energy it brings to get outdoors, to be more active and to savour summer in its first bloom. This vitality and possibility of better days ahead is a core value I have tried to bring over the past 29years to every client; whether it’s facilitation, mentoring, training or other customer-focusing consultancy.
As I start another May and my 30th year in practice, I’m as committed as ever to bringing the same promise of new growth, brighter days and possibility to my next facilitation and other assignments.
So “May Day” and “May month” greetings to all.