Developing Your Marketing Strategy, LEO Laois

This practical programme will look at the elements of a good marketing strategy and how they are devised to maximise growth for the business. Over the course of this programme participating businesses will be supported and challenged to develop their own marketing strategy. The end of this programme should see each participant having developed a marketing strategy which meets the needs and ambitions of their businesses.

This programme will consist of 4 modules. It will run on the last Thursday of every month, starting on Thursday 29th March and concluding on Thursday 28th June

Course Outline:

* Identify your business goals

* Identify your marketing goals

* Research your market

* Profile your customers

* Develop your strategy

* Test your ideas

Marketing On A Shoestring, LEO Laois 15/05/2018

This course aims to give small business owners the confidence to approach marketing their business for next to nothing cost-wise. It focuses on how small businesses can grow brand awareness through practical hardworking tips.

Course Content:

  • Promoting your business for free
  • Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook)
  • Blogs and Landing Pages
  • Radio Advertising
  • Trade Marketing Shows
  • Highlights of a Marketing Plan