Sell More, Market Smarter, Deliver Consistent Customer Service For 2019 & Beyond is the underlying theme of our Autumn-Winter series of facilitated learning workshops.

Why sign up for these courses? These courses are for you if

  • Too frequently you struggle to be effective in your selling- is selling is a challenge for you?
  • If “negotiating the deal” is something you are not that confident with and
  • Critically, if you are closing less than 50% of the sales opportunities you identify
  • You don’t currently have a practical marketing plan to work to but would like to have a plan for 2018+
  • Or if you are not sure how to put together a plan for your marketing in 2019-20
  • You believe your customer service could be better but you’re unsure how to make the necessary changes to reach a higher service level

 By the end of theses courses you will

  • Have gained new skills in how to prospect for potential customers; how to present your offerings; how to negotiate better; how to handle objections and most critically, how to close more sales every day!
  • Have a set of sales tools you can customise to your particular products and services
  • Have a fuller understanding of Marketing & where your Selling Activity fits within an overall marketing strategy
  • Be able to frame Marketing Strategy/Plans for your business
  • Have lost your fear of selling and of preparing Marketing Plans
  • Have an action plan to transform your Customer Service and by doing doing retain customers and yes, facilitate them to spend more with you!

For Bookings: Go online to the Local Enterprise Office, Laois or Ballyhoura Development CLG) and book today.