Yes I know it sounds fanciful that such contentious, stand-off negotiations could be facilitated to a resolution. Instead of the hard head-to-head across the negotiating table approach (that has achieved scarce little to date); facilitation using the World Cafe methodology might still work and if not, it’s at least worth trying at this late hour.
World Cafe facilitations are set within informal relaxed cafe ambiances (and the Greek do love to linger and talk over their coffee). The Café is built on the assumption that people already have within them the wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges. Given the appropriate context and focus, it is possible to access and use this deeper knowledge about what’s important.
Café Conversations are an easy-to-use method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in service of the real work. Cafés in business have been named in many ways to meet specific goals, including Creative Cafés, Knowledge Cafés, Strategy Cafés, Leadership Cafés, Marketing Cafés, and Product Development Cafés. Most Café conversations are based on the principles and format developed by The World Café (see, a growing global movement to support conversations that matter in corporate, government and community settings around the world.
So what about another way of dealing with the Greek crisis?
The only stumbling block is perhaps that unlike the Greeks, northern Europeans tend not to dwell over their coffee and therefore will miss the opportunity for a paradigm shift in the crisis!
Cheers, I’m off for a coffee!